Pure Acid USB Drive - Limited TELEPORT Edition + Poster


Pure Acid Custom USB Stick – Includes Digital Mixtape Collection
This is the special TELEPORT edition which was sold at TELEPORT NEW YEARS EVE 2018/2019!
We have a small amount left, only available to attendees of Teleport!

Introducing the LIMITED EDITION Pure Acid custom USB stick – Preloaded with high quality digital files of your favorite mixtapes from back in the day!

What you get:
- Custom Mixtape Shaped USB Stick (LIMITED TO 100 COPIES)
- Exclusive 17”x11” Pure Acid – High Score Since ’94 Poster
- 38 CLASSIC MIXTAPES loaded on the USB stick (High quality 320MBPS files straight from the master DAT tapes) - over 55 hours of music!!! 7.5 GB of mixtapes!!!!!

Mixtapes included:

Curious - Aztec Warrior
Curious - Last Dying Wish
Curious - Off The Deep End
Curious - Reminisence Of A Rudeboy
Curious - Resurrected
Dan Efex - Disco Inferno
Dan Efex - Epilogue (Excursions In Hardtrance)
Dan Efex - Epilogue (Excursions In Goa)
Dan Efex - Fast Track To Hell
Delta 9 - Hardcorps
Dan Efex - Plixx
Tron vs Demon Slut - A Sort Of Schizophrenic Feeling
Tron - Fucking Harder Than The Devil Himself - Tape 1
Tron - Fucking Harder Than The Devil Himself - Tape 2
Heretic - Jungle Classics
Heretic - Jungle Classics 2
Jason Blakemore - Humanism
Jason Blakemore - More Humanism
Jughead - Electric
Mark N - Rent Money Acqusition Exercise Vol 6
Mark N - Something Else For You To Bitch About
Mark N - You Can Stick Your Fucking Happy Hardcore…
Michael Dog - Classic Trance
Paulina Taylor - Bounce
R.A.W. - Distorted Dreamz
R.A.W. - Into The Unknown
R.A.W. & Jonny 5 - Naturl Born Junglists
R.A.W. - No More Mr. Nice Guy
R.A.W. - Red Drums
R.A.W. - Sub Zero
R.A.W. - Watch Me Shred
Stompy - Hypercore
Thee-O - Alien Abduction
Thee-O - Cosmic Journey
Thee-O - The Force (White Tape)
Thee-O - The Force (Black Tape
Thee-O & Tony Gamboa - Sweat Afterhours Mode
Tron - Fucking Hardcore

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